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Our experts are the team you can trust to find out the latest answers to questions about keeping attics and crawl spaces clean and free of rodent contamination. Scroll down below for our FAQ section where our team has put together many informative solutions to our customers' questions.

Do you provide mold removal?

Yes! Our team provides complete mold removal and prevention services as part of our full-range of home and attic services. Our team can do a much more thorough job of removing mold than the average homeowner. We have the knowledge, experience, and the proper equipment to do the job properly and leave your attic clean and completely free of any harmful mold growth. Give our team a call when you need professional mold removal done by our qualified specialists.

Do I need to seal my attic?

Air leakage in your home can lead to energy or heat loss, and condensation in your attic. If you've noticed that your rooms seem drafty or if your heating or cooling bills have increased, an attic air sealing might be the answer. Have our team inspect your attic for air leaks. When proper attic insulation is used and there are no air leaks in your attic, you'll find that the temperature throughout your home will be much more constant and your energy bills will be much lower as well.

Why should my crawl space be cleaned?

The air that flows through the crawl space of your home is part of your circulation system and will mix with the air you breathe. If it becomes contaminated, it can seriously affect the health of you and your family. If your crawl space has a dirt floor, our specialists suggest laying down a protective cover to prevent water and moisture accumulation that will attract insects and promote mold growth. Contact our team today to inspect your crawl space and suggest ways to keep it clean and safe for your family.


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