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For many helpful and informative ideas about keeping your attic as clean as possible along with ideas about decontamination, rodent proofing, or how the proper insulation can keep you more comfortable, visit our helpful new tips section. Just scroll down below for lots of great information assembled by our expert team!

On R-values and what they mean

The R-value of an insulating material is its thermal resistance to conductive heat flow expressed by a numerical value. The higher the number, the more effective it is. R-values are determined by the type of insulation, density and thickness of application. Some insulation's R-value may also be affected by temperature, moisture, or aging. To determine exactly how much insulation and the type you need for your location, give our technicians a call. We'll be glad to make recommendations specifically for your home.

Have your attic rodent proofed

If you’ve noticed or heard signs of rats or mice in your attic, you'll want to have it rodent proofed. Rats and mice can cause extensive damage and often will carry harmful diseases into your home. Proper rodent proofing involves sealing all the storage areas, sealing holes and cracks, and when necessary, trimming outside tree branches that could provide access for rodents to come into your attic. Call our professional team to have your attic rodent proofed when you think you might have a problem.

The best types of insulation for you

There are basically three types of insulation; batts, blown, and sprayed. Batts are large pieces of fiberglass or cotton, but can have gaps and not fill spaces well. Blown insulation is either fiberglass or cellulose that fills areas better, while sprayed insulation is the best because it fills the entire attic from floor to roofline. However, it can be 3 to 4 times more expensive than blown. Contact our experts to recommend the best type of insulation for your home and budget.


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